Some Necessary Golf Gear You Should Buy

It is no secret that golf is a game that requires a lot of gear. You will need to be well equipped before you head out onto the course if you want to have a good time and have a chance to play your best. You don’t necessarily need to buy the top-of-the-line brands, but there are certain items that are necessary before you start to play golf. The list below includes most of the main gear that you will need to obtain.

  • Golf clubs. This one should be obvious! The rules allow for you to have 14 clubs in your bag, and you should take advantage of each of those spots. Obviously, you will want to have a driver, a putt and a full set of irons. Most golfers like to have at least two different wedges to help with the variety of short game shots they are likely to encounter.
  • Golf balls. Of course, if you have a set of golf clubs, you will need to golf balls to hit with them. As a beginner, you don’t need to buy the most expensive golf balls on the shelf, so just get something that is available for a decent price. Also, since you probably will be a little inconsistent out on the course, make sure to take plenty of golf balls with you so you don’t run out before the round ends.
  • Golf bag. To transport your clubs and golf balls around the course, you will need a bag. Golf bags come in a variety of sizes, and prices, so shop around to find one that you like. Think about whether you will be walking or riding most of your rounds, and purchase a bag that is designed with that style of play in mind.
  • Golf shoes. Too many beginning golfers think they can get away with using regular tennis shoes out on the golf course. That is a mistake and will make the game harder than it already is. Get a pair of comfortable golf shoes so you can have the traction you need while making your swings. Not only will golf shoes help you keep a stable base during your swing, but they can also help to keep your feet dry if you purchase a waterproof model. Don’t look at golf shoes as optional equipment – they are necessary if you are serious about the game.