Hybrid Play Secrets For Senior Golfers: 5 Quick Tips

Amateur golfers have taken to the hybrid clubs in a big way. The professionals also have accepted and incorporated the hybrids into their regular game. So, what’s stopping the senior golfers from taking the plunge? We’re sure they are still skeptical because they don’t know how to handle the hybrid play. By not adopting the hybrids the seniors are missing out on a number of benefits. The situation must change. So, to help senior golfers with hybrid play, we offer the 5 secret tips below.

  1. The number of hybrid clubs to carry depends on the senior golfers, but we recommend carrying two to four clubs in the bag. Some of the hybrids have a loft angle of 15 degrees; this allows golfers to use hybrids even as fairway woods. Senior golfers who want to get more height with their clubs would find the hybrid clubs and hybrid shots very useful.

  2. Hybrids are perfect for senior golfers as the clubs are more like long irons, so there is less need to make adjustments to the set up. Senior golfers using hybrids that are more like the 5-iron or 6-iron can adopt a set up that’s suited for middle iron strokes. But actually, most hybrids that are manufactured nowadays are designed to replace long clubs like 2-iron, 3-iron, or 4-iron. These are clubs that are hard to control. So, if senior golfers are using long hybrids then the setup must resemble that of a long iron.

  3. Similarly, there is no separate body position and body alignment for the hybrid strokes. The stance, the gap between the feet, the hip and shoulder positions must all be in the square position. Like the long iron shot, the body must be fairly square to the imaginary straight line that connects the ball and the target.

  4. It’s a lot easier to master the hybrid shot if like the iron club senior golfers hit down and hit through the ball. Since, certain hybrids are more like fairway woods senior golfers can also use them to hit sweep strokes.

  5. With the hybrid, the swing must be steady and smooth. Don’t try to hit the ball too hard. The hybrid might not look like a club that can generate power and force, but actually with a rhythmic swing you can hit the ball a long distance. When using the hybrids to chip the ball, grip down and use the natural loft of the club to play well controlled accurate shots.