7 Interesting Facts About The Palheiro Golf Course In Madeira

The Palheiro golf course is located in the Madeira Islands. These islands are a collection of sub-tropical locations with great weather all year round. They are located in the Atlantic Ocean and offer great golf courses for serious golfers to sample while having fun and improving their game. The region is home to two golf courses, in Madeira and Porto Santo. In this article we will only focus on Palheiro Golf Course located in Madeira. As one of the world’s most popular and impressive courses, we will look at seven facts you need to know about it.

  1. The Palheiro golf course is located on an elevated area of Madeira, 500 meters above Madeira’s capital Fuchal. When travelling to the course you will have to go up a winding road uphill. The amazing scenery is like no other.
  2. This amazing golf course which rests on one of the most impressive settings in the entire region was designed by Cabel Robinson back in 1993. As you drive up to the course you will be quite amazed, wondering just how this course was built all the way up there.
  3. The course is famed for having one of the most captivating views of the Atlantic Ocean, the City of Funchal and the Desertas Islands as well. Golfing here is not as simple as taking shots on the green and moving on, it involves enjoying the amazing scenery captured so effortlessly.
  4. The entire course has 18 holes and is rated par 72.
  5. The 12th hole is one of the most difficult in the entire course. It is a par five hole, and is 529 meters long.
  6. The Palheiro golf course is famous for its fast greens. The Bermuda grass fairways are also quite popular with those who choose to play here.
  7. The golf course is located on the estate and parkland of the Quinta do Palheiro. Dining services in the course are provided by the Casa Velh do Palheiro. Accommodation can also be sort from this venue.