How to Have a Great Golf Adventure in the Madeira

Madeira is an archipelago of Portugal, located in the Atlantic Ocean. Porto Santo is a hidden treasure of Madeira. It is a component of Madieran archipelago, located about 25 km from the capital city of Funchal.

The life of a professional golfer is certainly perceived as a luxurious one, which is spent in private planes, cozy hotels, and with a chance to make money even beyond our wildest of fantasies. But, only the rarest of rare players manage to achieve that scale. However, you can get a brief glimpse of this exemplary feeling when you travel by air from Madeira to the tiny paradise island of Porto Santo. Porto Santo is a mountainous area, which enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year. Unlike Madeira, this place has a long stretch of golden sands extending up to 9 kilometers. Hence, its name has the romantic translation, “Gateway to Heaven”. Interestingly, Funchal is located closer to the Moroccan coast than the motherland Portugal.

The island boasts of one of the most amazing golf courses, designed by Steve Ballesteros. It features the uncommon layout of six par-threes, six par-fives and six par-fours. When you come near the 13th hole, you will feel the life in the course, especially when the waves crash onto the rocks.

There are beach side golf courses in Europe, which give you the feeling of playing at the Pebble Beach, California. Thus, if you cannot afford to go to California, you will not regret coming to Madeira. There are two different golf courses in Madeira, which are unique in their qualities.

Santo da Serra Golf Club has played host to the Madeira Islands Open for 13 years. It is challenge to walk for so long in this course since the lowest and the highest points in the area are 1000 feet apart. It gives you the amazing and jaw-dropping view. The neighboring islands of the Desertas lie 700 meters down in water.

Palheiro Golf Club is located high on a hill in the botanical gardens, the terrace of the clubhouse overlooks the bustling streets of Funchal. The clubhouse serves a local specialty, aan Espada fish fillet. Interestingly, some uglier fish are also served in the hotels but the amazing taste compensates the looks. This golf club makes its way through the calm forests. Thus, the golfers have to avoid the tees from away from the trees.