Why You Should Play The Belavista Golf Course

The Belavista Golf Course in Lisbon is known to be one of the area’s most challenging courses for golfers. This course has good ratings from other golfers regarding experience and level of difficulty. Even though some may suggest you should be skilled to play around numerous water areas the course features, others say this is a prime example of how to enjoy a good round of golf. If you are considering traveling to Lisbon for a golf adventure, here are some tips to consider on why you should play the Belavista Golf Course.

Short Course Offering Unique Challenges

The course features a unique design while being considered a short course. The layout design includes 18 holes with three of them consider par-3 holes. The other holes are par-4. The course features 6 lakes and terrain that add to the challenge. This can make for an interesting golf adventure even though your skills are tested at a number of holes. Belavista overall features a beautiful setting with mostly trees and terrain being seen in the background.

Course Is Great for Beginner and Advanced Golfers

A number of golf players and critics say the course is great for golfers of all skill levels. Because of the course design you can choose to use your time to practice or make a great game with a few buddies. The course allows players to make a number of shots from long to short. Along with great weather and in good location from downtown Lisbon, this can be a good option when you want to escape and enjoy a quiet outdoor activity. The condition of the greens is fair with good green color, but be watchful of bunker areas that make it more difficult to play at certain holes.

Good Practice Range for Taking Quick Shots

The Belavista is known for offering a great area to practice. This area includes putting green and short game practice. You can get practice here before heading out on the course for some rounds. The course offers great green fee rates for 9 and 18 holes, yet they may vary depending on when you visit the area. Overall, this course can help you get in good practice or help you learn changes to make in your play technique when approaching certain shots. These are just a few points to think about when considering Belavista.