How to Build Great Power and Deliver It to the Golf Ball

Having power on the golf course is a great advantage. While accuracy will always be a requirement for shooting good scores, adding power to your game will help you hit shorter clubs into greens and should lead to more birdie putts. Also, more power means more chances to reach par five greens in two shots, which is where you can really find some additional scoring opportunities. If you are going to work on building more power in your swing, make sure you do so without losing fundamentals like balance and tempo that make your swing reliable.

As a first step toward building more power into your swing, consider the following three swing tips –

  • Make a full turn. All powerful golf swings start with a good turn in the backswing. Don’t cut your backswing short in a hurry to get down to impact – you will be robbing yourself of potential power that could be built up before you strike the ball. While you don’t need to force your backswing longer than you are comfortable with, it should be a full turn while you are still on balance.
  • Be aggressive. Golf swings that are made without confidence will have a hard time generating the same amount of speed as ones that are made confidently and aggressively. The key moment in the golf swing is when the golf club actually contacts the ball, so you need to be particularly aggressive at this point. Let the club tear through the hitting area without any fear of where the ball might go. Even if you hit a bad shot from time to time, you will be much better off if you are able to keep a high level of confidence and allow the club to swing freely.
  • Get in shape. There is no substitute for physical fitness when you are looking for more power in your swing. Improved fitness can help you generate speed by making you more flexible, more powerful in your hands, arms, and core, and more able to hold your balance effectively. You don’t need to be a professional bodybuilder to play good golf, but any kind of physical conditioning that you can do safely should serve to add yards to your tee shots. Get in the gym on a regular basis and the results should show on the golf course in the near future.