The Most Popular Tips For Hitting A Golf Driver Without Troubles

Hitting your driver off the tee… you either love it or you don’t. Let’s face it however, if you struggle with your driver, you are going to struggle to improve your golf game significantly. Using your driver off the tee accurately not only can set up an easier second shot from the fairway but it just gets you so much closer to the pin, a massive advantage for sure.

In this article, we are going to look at a few tips that will no doubt help you to improve your driver play significantly. By doing so, you will notice an immediate improvement to your game.

Mind your balance

As with most golf shots, balance is crucial. It is far easier to overlook balance when driving because often, the root of all balance problems come from trying to swing too hard! When driving, in order to maintain a proper balance, it is essential to focus on a smooth swing and proper contact with the clubface and the ball. Strive to keep your centre of gravity roughly in the middle of your stance as you employ your backswing. Then, when you start your downswing, move your balance forward fairly aggressively. Most new golfers make the mistake of letting their balance move onto their back foot. Try to eliminate this as it will lead to less accuracy and power.

Concentrate on the top of your swing

The transfer between the backswing into the downswing is a crucial part of driving. Again, with a slow and rhythmic backswing, remember to concentrate when your driver reaches its highest point. Most golf pros will tell you, there should be a slight hesitation at the top of your swing as your club and your body get into the perfect position to change direction and start the downswing. Don’t pause deliberately. Let it be as natural as possible. Many new golfers are aware of the need for this natural hesitation, but they never allow their backswing to reach the desired spot and start their downswing far too early. This results in a loss of distance as well as slicing the ball on occasions.

Employ a sweeping motion

Although iron shots are normally hit with a downward angle to not only cleanly strike through the ball but to get backspin, the driver employs more of a sweeping motion. Here you want to avoid too much backspin in an attempt to get as much distance as you can on your drive. A sweeping motion will also allow you to get a better trajectory for your drive, leading to a far better flight for the ball and more distance off the tee.

Don’t get carried away

Many people think that when they drive from a tee box, they need to employ as much power in their swing as possible. This simply isn’t true. Of course, you want to get as much distance as possible, but this is achieved far easier by not trying to overhit your drive. In fact, you should be aiming for a less than 100% full power swing, especially to ensure that you keep your balance, one of the most crucial aspects of any drive. Not only that, but it will ensure that you make contact with the ball properly, right in the centre of the clubface. A consistent, balanced swing is what you are aiming for.

Pick a target

Lastly, make sure you pick out an area where you would like your drive to end up. Many people just step up to the tee box and drive away. By picking a target, you can help to ensure that you drive for more accurately. You pick a target – usually the pin - when you approach the green right? Why should it be any different when you drive? You can choose some trees, a bunker or anything you like, as long as they are not in range of your drive as you don’t actually want to hit them.

By employing these five tips, you driving will improve and with that, your scores, and handicap will start to come down.