Pitching Tips and Tricks: Ball Position

Chip and Pitch are the base shots of the complete game of Golf. They are the key shots which can earn you points as they require both skill and accuracy. Ball position matters a lot when you are playing these two shots as the address angle can spoil the accuracy of your shot. Golf swing is basically a circle as it starts at the top and comes downward for impact and then moves back to the top, making it almost a circle. Pitching and chipping with abnormal ball positions can be a difficult thing to achieve. Here are a few tips that can help you achieve that.

Chip Shot

If the ball position is even with your waistline or navel, the resulting shot will have an optimum result. But it is not always the same and sometimes the ball position is not this simple and requires a different kind of technique. For chipping, the stance should be wide open when compared to a driving shot as it gives you a firm standing positing and more grip.

You should position the Golf ball in the center of your stance. This position allows the club to strike the ball just before it touches the ground which makes the shot a little powerful and aerial. If you position the ball behind the center of your stance, the shot will be way to slow as the club will touch the ground before impact with the ball. Similarly, if the positioning is far too forward than the center, the resulting shot will be sloppy as the club will hit the top or middle of the ball and not the base. So positions other than center can result in thick and thin shots with poor consistency.

Pitch Shot

Pitch shot is another shot that requires a lot of technique. For a pitch shot, the ball should be positioned a little forward than the center of your stance. The stance should be wide open just like the chip shot. You should use your belt buckle as a standard for comparing and adjusting the ball position. With the ball slightly ahead of the center of the stance, the swing increases which differs pitch shot from the chip shot. Such positioning gives significant swing and speed to the ball with a considerable accuracy.

Learning these two shots and the ball positioning for these two shots can completely change your game of golf and your command over the ball. These shots should be learned by all the golfers as they are important.