Cheap Golf Vacations In Portugal: How To Find A Good Deal

You may get the impression that golfing in Portugal is limited to the rich and wealthy. However, there are reasonable deals available that won’t cost you too much. In addition, there are ways you can cut down on your expenses and still have an enjoyable time. Try some of these strategies for your next holiday and see just how easy and affordable a golfing holiday in Portugal can be.

Golf packages

A good way to get a great vacation at a reasonable price is to book a holiday that comes complete with a golfing schedule. When your package facilitates more than just accommodation and transport, you will pay less for the golfing aspect of the holiday. This is one way so many people manage to afford a cheap holiday in Portugal.

Large groups

Going with as many people as possible is a great way to share living expenses and course fees on your golf vacation. Ask around at your golf clubhouse and see who is willing to club together with you and go on a vacation that will end up costing a fraction of the price.

Pack everything

The more prepared you are for golf, the less you will have to fork out when you arrive. This includes everything from clubs, balls, clothing, and even your favourite pair of sunglasses. Make sure you have everything ready to go. Also remember that Portugal has lots of great beach activities, so don't just pack golf clothes; pack your swimsuit too.

Self-catering options

Sometimes it is worth cutting away all those unnecessary benefits that come along with hotels and resorts. It’s a lot cheaper to go shopping at a supermarket and cook your own food during your vacation. This also gives you lots of social time with the people you are with. Why stay at a hotel or golf resort when you can stay at a self-catering lodge and make your way to the golf course anyway?

Book yourself

Another option is cutting out your travel agent from the whole booking process. You can make calls yourself and make arrangements for accommodation, travel, and golf bookings. Doing it yourself may take a bit more time, but it will save you a substantial amount of cash which you may need to go on this holiday in the first place.