Chipping In The Wind: What The Pros Know

One staple many golfers find challenging is playing in the wind. In some cases it is unavoidable and you need a plan to help you stay in the game. Players gain a unique advantage when they are able to maintain control of the ball during wind shifts. The pros often know how to maintain control of their shot during such conditions. Yet, many also know how not to get caught up in misconceptions about how to play a ball few often find misleading. In other words, players want to know the best way to tackle the ball in such conditions and how they can get good results effectively. Here are a few tips to help you think like the pros when chipping in the wind.

Review Misconceptions to Avoid Confusion

The pros know a few things about misconceptions and likely have a better idea why players tend to believe them. For the most part you need to gain clarity on what is true and what is not. How you play in the wind depends on your skill and ability. What you may have heard from someone about how to complete a specific move during windy conditions is worth being reviewed more before trying out for yourself. As long as you have knowledgeable sources to rely on you should be fine.

Make Changes to Your Stance When Putting

In some cases you may need to make your stance wider for better balance. Not only do you get better balance but you have more control of your swing motion. You can play around with different stance positions to get a better idea of what you should do when setting up for shots. Your stance can give you more control when approaching your shot and give you better confidence you can make solid contact.

Establish Your Game Mentally

It is one thing to be confident in your ability to play the game, but if you have a mental strategy to help you focus when you take shots you could be playing ahead of yourself. It helps to have a general idea of how to approach your shots. At the same time, don’t allow yourself to dwell on the action you will take to make the play. Be smart in with your club selection and keep your eye on the target.