Golf Lessons: An Instant Fix to Your Putting Problems

Do you have trouble on the putting green? Don’t worry – most golfers struggle with their putting stroke from time to time. Instead of letting your putting issues leave you frustrated, get to work on the practice game fixing your problems so you can make more putts in your next round. The exciting thing about putting practice is that you can see results quickly – much quicker than when you try to improve your full swing. Considering how important putting is to your final score during any given round, you would be wise to spend time on this part of the game.

Try using the following three tips to make more putts the very next time you step on the course –

  • Play more break. Nearly every amateur golfer could improve their putting success simply by playing more break than they usually do. During your next round, try this experiment: Read your putts like you normally do, and then add an inch or two or extra break to your read before you pick your final line. Then, go ahead and hit the putt, fully committed to the new line with a little extra break planned into your read. If you do this, don’t be surprised to find a few more putts falling into the hole instead of sliding by on the low side.
  • Try for perfect speed. Some golfers make the mistake of hitting most of their putts too hard, all in the name of being ‘aggressive’. It is fine to want to get your putts to the hole, but running them three or four feet long isn’t going to do you any good at all. Make it your goal to hit all of your putts with perfect speed throughout the round – not running them by, but not leaving them short. Of course, you will miss your speed from time to time, but make it your main focus.
  • Control your eyes. Many missed putts are caused by the eyes of the golfer moving around too much during the stroke. Make it a point to focus your eyes on the top of the golf ball from the time you start the stroke until after you make contact. If you can do this – and you pick a good target line for the putt – you should find that you make most of your short putts, and even a few long ones as well.