The Secret To Hitting A Great Lob Shot From The Rough

There are few greens that do not have some sort of protection. On the greens themselves there can be plenty of undulations, but just off the closely cut area designers have usually placed bunkers that could gather any ball that was slightly offline. Professionals are actually very adept at getting out of bunkers and often fancy actually holing their ball. They practice endlessly to achieve that level of expertise. The same professionals prefer their ball in sand than the far less predictable rough around the greens. They regard a shot from rough as more difficult but they do practice the technique of getting out of such rough and every amateur should do so as well.

The Object of the Shot

There is often little space between deep rough and the pin and the best shot to get close is a lob shot that the modern lob wedges have made more practical. The point of the shot is to carry the ball through the air right to the intended target and have it stop virtually where it lands. Those who can perfect such a shot have a chance of not dropping a shot because they will be close enough to the pin to single putt.

In the worst scenario there may even be a bunker between the ball and the green. So what do you do to execute the shot you require?

  • Take an open stance and open your club face.
  • Make sure your weight is forward and that the ball is forward in your stance.
  • Take the wedge with the most loft; 60 degrees is fairly common these days.
  • Hinge your wrist and take the club back only halfway of what would be a full swing.
  • Your follow through should also be truncated; think back to 9 o’clock and through to 3 o’clock.
  • As with any golf shot you should slightly accelerate into the ball.

No one is suggesting that this shot it easy. The loft helps but the problems involved include the rough through which the blade has to cut and the danger of your lifting your head which will result in your thinning the ball. It is a shot that must be practised regularly. There is no question that an expert of this shot, Phil Mickelson simply expects to be able to play it as a matter of course. He practises and so must you if expect it to be an effective part of your armoury.