What are the Top 10 Golf Resorts in Europe

There are many great golf options all across Europe, from courses with incredible history to luxury resorts in beautiful tourist locales. No matter what kind of golf you like to play, or what kind of areas you like to visit, it is a safe bet that you will be able to find a golf resort around Europe that fits with your tastes. Taking a vacation to a golf resort could be one of the highlights of your year, so take a look around and see if you are able to book a trip to one of the top 10 golf resorts in Europe sometime soon.

Picking out the top 10 golf resorts is an impossible task, because each golfer will have different elements that are important to them. When you are trying to decide which resorts make your list, and which you would like to visit, consider the criteria below.

  • Weather. Having good weather plays a big role in enjoying your time at a golf resort, so those resorts located in places that are prone to warm, sunny weather certainly have a leg up on the competition. However, it is not essential for a good golf resort to be found in a place that is always sunny – there are plenty of great golf courses and resorts in areas that see their share of clouds and rain.
  • More than one course. It is fun to visit a golf resort that offers more than one course for you to experience. Look at the resorts around Europe and see which ones have at least 36 holes, if not more. When there is more than one course on site, you can enjoy some variety throughout your stay, without having to drive all around the area to find other courses.
  • Long list of amenities. A great golf resort does more than just offer you good golf courses to play. The top golf resorts also have a long list of other amenities such as restaurants and nice rooms for you to enjoy while you aren’t on the golf course. Also, golf resorts that are designed with families in mind should have things for the kids to enjoy during the day to make sure they have a fun vacation as well. Look for a resort in Europe that offers a combination of benefits for its guests when you are deciding which spot will be your next destination.