Planning Your Golf Holidays in Portugal: Some General Advice

Portugal is a popular golf destination for many reasons. There are many great courses all over the country, particularly in the Algarve region in southern Portugal. Along with the golf, you will often find great weather, tasty food, friendly people, and many other tourist attractions. One visit to Portugal will make it clear why so many people choose to return time after time for wonderful golf vacations.

When you are working on planning a golf holiday to Portugal, consider the following pieces of advice –

  • Find courses that suit you. The purpose of a golf holiday is to have fun – that much should be obvious. With that in mind, don’t pick golf courses that are too difficult for your skill level, as you won’t have as much fun as you could on an easier course. You aren’t trying to test your game, you are just trying to enjoy a different country and some time away from the day to day grind. Pick out a few golf courses that will be a good fit for your game based on their distance and difficult ratings. The chances of having a great time on your trip will go way up when you are able to play courses that match your experience and ability.
  • Do more than just golf. There is nothing wrong with playing a lot of golf on your trip, but make sure you leave some time for other activities as well. Portugal is a great country will plenty of things to do and see, so don’t book so many tee times that you never get to explore any of the attractions. A good balance of sightseeing and golf will lead to an enjoyable vacation experience.
  • Stay near where you are playing. When possible, try to stay in a hotel or resort that is close to the courses you are going to play. If the courses you are interested in have lodging on site, that is even better. By reducing the amount of time you have to spend in a car traveling to the courses, you will increase the amount of time you have for relaxing and doing other things. It might not always be possible to stay close to the golf courses, but keep this goal in mind when making your reservations. With a nice hotel near to your desired courses, you can settle in for a great week of golf.