The Easiest Way to Escape Thick Grass on the Golf Course

Thick grass can be a major challenge, especially during summer. It is important to know the hazards of thick grass before we jump to the strategies. Tall grass can slow down the impact of the clubface. Moreover, you might have noticed that sometimes, the ball flies with high speed but at other times, it flutters in front of you. This happens because the grass is not appropriate. It is a great challenge to drive the ball into the fairways. There are a few things that you should keep in mind if you face a rough patch of grass:

  1. The first obvious thing is to take a club with good loft which can help you take out the ball out of the thick grass. When you have the ball in a good position, you can give it a good shot.
  2. The swing you take in such situations is also important. You can take a very steep swing, also called “V” swing. Such a swing creates a sharper attack angle. This will help you to avoid hitting a huge mass of grass before you hit the ball. Also, you can avoid sticking the club before the impact or at the impact.
  3. When you play, your body weight should be leaned forwards. Grip the club tightly so that you can at least try that the grass does not wrap around the clubface. Twist your club and then stay firm and steep.
  4. When you are taking a downswing, keep the trailing elbow very close to the body and rotate your body through the target. The trick is to use your whole body and not just hands to move the club through the rough.
  5. Take minimum trouble by finding the most direct path to the fairway with short grass. In such scenarios, do not bother if you have to play sideways or a little backwards. It is still a relatively better option than keep trying to hit the ball out of the rough.
  6. There might be some occasions when the grass is just spindly. It is not very heavy. In such a case, you can risk taking a wood club with high loft, but do not forget to open the clubface a little before you re-grip it. You also let the ball take a flight from right to left as the club closes at the impact.
  7. Do not get intimidated by the rough patch or the deep grass. Try to play it out by any means possible. The more you practice, the lesser frightening it becomes.