Yard work can improve your golf swing

Sometimes ordinary activities can have beneficial elements to them that are hidden or unrecognized. When you think about yard work and golf, these two elements may have more in common that you think. Of course they are both physical aspects that can do your body wonders. But, some belief yard work may help you improve your swing on the course; if so then how?

Raking Leaves

Instead of using the leaf blower to do all of the work for you, the motions your arms go through while racking may have beneficial factors in helping you make better swings on the golf course. Some people may have their own way for raking but if you make a few modifications it can be helpful in helping you assume better posture when you swing the club. For instance, take shorter steps as you rake the leaves and keep the leading leg you move with slightly bent. Try not to extend your arms too much or just pull with your arms. Your torso and back legs may feel more movement which can be helpful.

Weed Whackers

Some say you can use a manual weed whacker if you don’t have a rake. You can swing and pivot the whacker toward the leaves. Keep in mind of your posture and how you move while using the whacker. Your head and posture are important when you swing and move. Your torso may rotate when you swing and lift your leg up behind the whacker.


Climbing up and down the latter can be helpful if you need to replace or install storm windows. Many use a ladder to get old leaves and debris from the gutters. But, some suggest looking into other concepts that could help how your body moves on the course. The climbing elements may help strengthen certain muscles in arms, shoulders and legs that help you swing. You can do a few reps going up and down the ladder, but you don’ have to climb to the top if safety is an issue.

Other Details to Consider

Yard work has been recommended by various golf players and experts as a way to develop your skills. Even though most of these options are things you do without thinking, it may help to be patience in reviewing proper techniques to help you complete such tasks in a safe manner.