Playing Golf in Portugal: the Best Tee Times in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is one of the most popular golf destinations in Portugal. The city is a quiet area with plenty of activities to keep you busy. The area has two golf courses that are popular among visitors. Since climate is not a problem in this neck of the woods, you may wonder what the best available tee times are. This will require some research as it may vary depending on when you want to visit the area. Here are some tips to consider in helping you establish the best tee times available in Santa Cruz.

Do Your Research Prior to Booking Tee Times

Doing research prior to booking helps you understand your options for tee time. You may learn certain times of the year are best to book. Depending on how you will book your trip you can learn details about tee time. For instance, if you are purchasing a golf package online, some sites have the feature where you can choose your time accordingly. Others may suggest you visit the website of the golf course you intend to visit to learn more about available tee times.

Look for Popular Patterns Tee Time is Likely Booked

February through March is known as a popular time period due to weather and climate change. Plus, spring time often kicks off the golf season for a number of golfers. April through October is another popular time period since many people enjoy golf vacations and other special occasions. As you research more options available in Santa Cruz individual golf courses may have variations in tee time availability. Check with the golf course at your earliest convenience to ensure booking for your time of arrival.

When You Can Save By Booking Early

Many golf packages are available early and provide a general idea of tee time availability. Check rates and booking and promotional details to learn more about time availability. Some courses offer promotional discounts when you book early. Aside from being able to reserve tee time you may earn a few extra rounds on the course or a reduction in green fees. The earlier you start researching availability the more likely you can save money and be able to enjoy the course that fits your schedule. You can review feedback from other travelers to get ideas on good tee times.