The Only Method You Should Use To Stop Shanking Chip Shots

Hundreds of hours of practice and years of experience all might seem to be in vain when you see a golfer shank the ball. What does a Shank mean? A disastrous shot that makes the ball fly way out of target when the player fails to make a square contact is called a Shank. This is a problem with an easy fix. In this article, we dig a little deeper to understand the cause and then find a solution to stop shanking chip shots.

The cause of a shank

A million things might go wrong while playing a chip shot, but in case of shanking a chip shot there is some consensus amount experts. When you hit a chip shot, if the ball catches the hosel of the club instead of the toe, then the ball gets shanked and flies off to the right. This happens because of the position of the shoulder. When your body is not properly aligned to the line of the target (i.e.) the shoulder aligned left, then more often than not you take an outside to inside swing leading to a shank. In an ideal world, each chip shot you play begins by swinging inside the target line until the time of the impact. But, getting it right each time is perfection, which is very hard to achieve. Nonetheless, the method mentioned below will help you avoid hitting the ball with the hosel.

The only method to avoid shanking

If faulty shoulder alignment is the cause of shanking, then correcting it will solve the problem. It’s that easy, right? Most coaches’ advice minor adjustment to shoulder to get an accurate chipping shot, but it isn’t an easy advice to follow. When on the course, it’s practically impossible to check whether your shoulder is aligned properly or not before every single chip shot. This doesn’t mean, you can’t master the chip shot without shanking, it’s just a matter of understanding the mechanics of a shot.

It’s well known fact that most players who shank a lot tend to have a weak grip. A weak grip causes the shoulder to align left, whereas a strong grip results in aligning the shoulder to the right. Just by getting your grip right, you can solve the problem of shanking of chip shots.

To get a strong grip while chipping, all you have to do is to slightly lower the right shoulder and hold the club. Once you’ve gripped the club, check out the number of knuckles you see on the left hand. If three knuckles are visible, then the hold is just right. Also, make sure your feet are parallel to the target.