4 Simple Methods To Enhance Your Putting Accuracy

One element of putting many golfers struggle with is accuracy. This has to do with failing to obtain proper alignment of the target and the ability to swing the club in a straight manner that will ensure the ball will travel the right path to its target. Another element to consider is speed; if your speed is too fast you could be making contact with the ball with too much force or with a tight grip. The following 4 tips can help improve putting accuracy.

  1. Make sure your aim is correct. Your setup may need to be adjusted to ensure your target is square with your putter. There are times golfers fail to ensure their aim is on point. This is a simple step to do right before you take your shot when addressing the ball. Remember what you have done in the past when setting up for the shot. What elements of the setup do you need to change to make sure you and the putter are square with target?
  2. Make sure swing path is in a straight line. When you swing back and forward ensure your club and swing motion stay in line as club head moves to make contact with the ball. The swing line should be in line to the path of the ball. Accuracy means to make sure you know what elements need to be in place to create the perfect shot. Practice your swing with drills that include swinging in a straight line to test accuracy with and without a ball.
  3. When following through the shot your aim should line up with your target. Try avoiding letting the club “hook” around the body when following through after hitting the ball. Some golfers may take things a little too far when they swing and make the club hook back. This can make your aim go off and your club may not be in line with the target. This alone reduces your ability to be accurate.
  4. Complete practice drills that focus on accuracy. There are a few to consider you can try at home. If you don’t practice your accuracy you won’t have an idea how to change your setup or address. You won’t see improvement and your scores may suffer. There are samples of accuracy and putting drills through videos online you can start with.