What You Can Do to Improve Your Performance in the Scoring Zone

The scoring zone on the golf course can be defined in a variety of ways, but most golfers would consider it to be within 50 yards or so of the green. Once your ball is within this imaginary circle, you should be able to expect to hit shots much closer to the hole and hopefully get up and down in just two shots. The key to improving your performance in this area is having a variety of shots that you are comfortable hitting so you can deal with the variety of circumstances and lies that you are likely to encounter.

To start improving your performance within the scoring zone, put the following tips to use.

  • Practice your short putting. The ability to make the majority of your short putts can make up for a lot of other mistakes in the scoring zone. Spend some time practicing your short putts so you can build confidence and improve the percentage of these putts that you are able to knock in. You are never going to make all of them, but working on your technique and building confidence will have a great effect on your performance in the scoring zone.
  • Conquer your fear of the bunkers. While bunkers can be located anywhere around the golf course, you are most likely to have to deal with them once you get inside the scoring zone. While many amateur golfers are afraid of having to play a bunker shot, playing from the sand isn’t actually that difficult when you spend some time practicing your technique. Try to practice a variety of bunker shots from a variety of lies, and you will soon find that your confidence from the sand is greatly increased.
  • Add a wedge to your bag. It is helpful to have as many options for wedges as possible in your bag. If you find that you don’t often use one of your long irons or fairway woods, consider swapping it out for an extra wedge that can help you deal with certain shots inside the scoring zone. For many golfers, adding a lob wedge with 60* or so of loft will help because that club will make it easier to get the ball high up into the air and stop it quickly on the green. If you have an extra wedge available, you can decide before each round which clubs you want to carry in your bag depending on the course you are playing.