Top 7 Most Favoured Golfing Destinations In Portugal

You may be wondering why Portugal is considered one of the top golfing countries in the world. Besides great weather and a strong golf culture, Portugal also offers golfers magnificent golf courses and top class resorts. Here are seven excellent destinations to add to your list.


The town of Estoril is packed with historical buildings and is rich in Portuguese culture. As with most Portuguese towns, it has a vibrant beach life and a total of 12 well-known golf courses to choose from. It’s our suggestion that you try as many as you can.


There isn’t a better place to golf than in Algarve. Numerous international golf courses are available for booking, many of which form part of luxurious resorts. Many a golf course favourite lies in Algarve and the region is highly popular with tourists. Getting a hotel booking in Algarve can be difficult, so plan in advance if possible.

Ponte de Lima

Recognized as one of the quieter golfing regions of Portugal, Ponte de Lima hosts thousands of tourists every year—many of them golfers. With a fair amount of nearby courses to choose from, it’s become a keen favourite among those who recognize it as one of Portugal’s best kept secrets.


This little town has an official golf course that cannot be missed. Located in a visibly ancient valley, you will find its terrain challenging to navigate (because of giant trees and natural water hazards), but fun to play. The town is also packed with lots of history and will have you touring for days.


Portimao is probably best known for its Morgado golf course. However, this destination also hosts a myriad of other activities that will guarantee enjoyment for the whole family. If you like combining warm, sunny beach holidays with lots of golf, then Portimao should not be missed out on.


It may only be a small town in the Lisboa district, but that’s the charm of Vimeiro. You can comfortably find excellent accommodation, play tons of golf, and still find a decent amount of nightlife in the evenings.


The massive city of Vilamoura has a popularity that’s arguably only rivalled by places such as Algarve and Lisbon. Golfing here is as popular as anywhere else in Portugal and the real character of the city is clearly seen in its booming nightlife.