The five worst exercises for golfers

While there are exercises that can help you play better rounds, some could actually make you play worse. Not only will they have negative effects on how you play, your body could take a beating from the exercises as well, especially when they are not recommended or executed improperly. If you want to improve your game you should know about methods to stay away from for the sake of your experience and health.

5 Exercises to Avoid and Why

Crunches, leg extensions, seated lat pull-downs, med-ball rotations, and upright rows are often exercise you should stay away from. Such moves associated with them have been known to hinder how well you play. Hamstrings are known to get weak from doing leg extensions. Med ball rotations may promote bad form since there is added pressure to the spine due to the weight of the ball and how the back rotates through the motion.

Seated lat pull downs can make your posture worse affecting your swing and how you used your arms. Crunches can promote back pain and golfers are recommended to look for ways to protect the spine. Upright rows can affect your swing and lead to muscle tearing in the shoulder blade area.

Other Options to Consider

T-spine twists, bottom’s up press, and split squats are a few recommended exercises that are better on the body. Split squats help improve lower body muscles which could increase faster swings. You can improve your turns during swings with t-spine twist exercises, while helping to tighten the abdomen area. To help you gain better clubface control, bottom’s up press exercises can be useful since encourage straightening of muscles related to the forearm and shoulders.

Strength and power training are some other concepts to consider. There is a variety of exercises that can help you improve your game, but you should also consider exercises that are good for different parts of the body golfing relies on the most. You can watch some videos to get an idea on how to move your body with different exercises. Picture illustrations can be helpful as well since you get a general idea of how the body should be postured while completing different exercises. If you play golf often or expect to play more in the future, there are workout routines and fitness moves you can practice to help maintain physical well-being.