Useful Advice On How To Hit An Accurate Shot With A Wedge Club

There are some basics to the game of golf without which you will not be as successful as you might be. The Game can be broken down into a number of parts but if you want to be accurate, to hit the ball to the areas you want to, then you need to be able to align yourself with the target and strike the ball squarely. It sounds easy but it will involve practice and routine. It applies to every club in the bag but when it comes to the wedge that is a club used in close proximity to the green. If you can be accurate on a regular basis and get close to the pin and one putt, your scores and handicap will come down.

You must begin by standing behind the ball and deciding on the line that you want to take. With a wedge it is most often the pin but on occasions to left or right if the green has significant slopes or contours. Once you have decided your line you should move forward and place the head of your wedge behind the ball. The next step is to take your stance so that you give yourself the best chance to play to that target. Your feet will be parallel to the intended target line and slightly to its left.

The challenge now is to bring the club through so that the club face strikes the ball square to the target. You may not have a classic swing but as long as the club head is in the right position when it hits the ball and you have your alignment right the only other element is pace. You have to have feel for the shot.

There is a way to build up your accuracy with your wedge. You can start by practicing chipping just a few yards and then increase the distance and at the same time the length of your swing. Your wrists are all important and with regular practice wedge shots will become second nature.

Some players seem to have more natural ‘feel’ in their short play that others, even players of similar handicaps. Everyone looking to improve must practice and spend more time on their weaknesses. The golf wedge is crucial to everyone’s game and improving your accuracy with it will bring its rewards in terms of your scores and your handicap.