Tried And True Techniques To Help You Cure Golf Slice

For most amateur players, slice is their worst shot. In contrast, most good players hit a hook. They have a higher swing speed and more power but live in fear of the left side of the course. In this article, we will help you identify the cause of your slice and help you straighten out that ball flight so you can start looking for your ball in the middle of the fairway rather than in the bushes on the right.

  1. Transfer your weight correctly
  2. The next time your hit practice shots, try this little drill: Lift your left heel up off the ground. Doing this will put more weight on your right leg and will help you to transfer your weight correctly and get behind the ball which will avoid a slice. Getting more weight on your right side will ensure your club is approaching the ball from the inside.

  3. Find a bank
  4. Not the type of bank where you deposit money, but a grassy bank where you can place the ball above your feet. Doing this Hit will encourage you to swing on a flatter plane, more around your body and approach the ball from the inside. This type of swing path will help you hit more of a draw - this is a shot with overspin rather than the backspin of the slice.

  5. Seek out the end of the driving range
  6. Go to the left hand side of the driving range. Find the last bay at the range and hit balls from there. You will be forced to aim into the middle of the driving range and hit more of a draw.

  7. Swing in slow motion
  8. While you are practicing, make sure that you turn behind the ball and pause at certain points during the swing to ensure that you are coming into the ball from the inside. It is much easier to identify and correct mistakes when you are pausing through your swing. Do not try this on the golf course however as you will lose power.

Getting rid of a slice is not easy but it is worth it. Straightening out your ball flight can give you an extra 30-40 yards of carry through the air and another few yards of roll. Apply the tips in these articles, practice intelligently and you'll soon be saying "goodbye" to the right hand side of the course.