Golf In Algarve: A Recipe For The Perfect Vacation

Nothing sounds better than a holiday of perfect weather, lots of golf, and a series of fun nights out. But are there ways of improving your holiday to Algarve? Here are some suggestions on how to get the most out of every hour of your golfing vacation.

  • Group play
  • It’s highly recommended that when you visit the city of Algarve, you take a long as many of your golfing buddies as you can. Playing a new course is way more fun when you’re doing so with the same people you practice with at your local sports club. If you have any keen golfers in your family, get them to tag along too.

  • Great accommodation
  • To accentuate your holiday even more, make sure you do in-depth research on where you will be staying in Algarve. A good holiday can be made mediocre if you don’t enjoy where you are staying. Also consider a resort that has a golf course on the premises so that initiating a spontaneous game is possible.

  • Keep your options open
  • Even if there’s a golf course at your resort, don’t book yourself to play only there throughout your entire vacation. Algarve is full of great courses and you’ll want a change of scenery at some point or another. Make a point of talking to some of the locals and getting some recommendations on neighbouring courses.

  • Try something new
  • Don’t just play golf while in Algarve. There is a myriad of other activities that must be explored in Portugal and many of them will likely be activities you’ve never tried before. The beach area in Algarve is massive and you’ll be spoilt for choice at how many water activities there are available. Try your hand at snorkelling, fishing, and even sailing for a full experience of the region.

  • Keep your companions satisfied
  • Algarve is a destination that the whole family can enjoy. If you have teenagers, plan a shopping spree for them. If you have younger kids, take them to an aquarium or a snake park. You and your partner can also find loads of romantic things to do in Algarve, not the least of which is experiencing the wonderful food and jovial culture.

So even though Algarve already has the ingredients for the perfect golf vacation, make sure you capitalize on every possible angle to make it even better. Enjoy your holiday, and don’t forget to pack your golf clubs.