When it comes to performance, golf club shafts

When you want to improve golf performance you may want to think about your golf club shaft. This is an element that helps you swing your club based on personal elements such as strength and flexibility. When you have poor performance on the course you may not be able to hit the ball in the direction you want it to go. In many cases this is what results to clubface; making your shot to go in the wrong direction or off target. This can help you understand trajectory of your shot and improve accuracy for a favorable outcome.

Understanding Different Golf Club Shafts and How They Affect Play

Also known as shaft flex, this aspect helps golfers obtain control of their shot. This element gives your club the ability to be flexible during the swing motion. Even stiff shafts have some flexibility and golfers can learn how to use it to their advantage. For instance, players with a fast swing may need just a little flex in their shaft. Greater flex can help players with a slower swing. Shaft flex can be rated as regular, stiff, extra stiff, ladies and senior. These ratings relate to the letters you may see on a shaft (R, S, X, L, and A).

Shafts are made from steel or graphite. They perform differently due to their weight and durability differences. If you select a shaft that is not appropriate for you this can affect how you swing and hit the ball. The ball may travel a shorter distance or roll away from the target. You may not obtain the impact you need with your club. In other words, it can be too flexible or not give you enough flex.

Ways to Help You Select the Best Golf Club Shaft

A recommended option includes working with a professional. You can do this through a club fitting. You need someone that can properly assess how you swing and provide proper measurements as far as speed of your swing and ball flight. Golf schools and pro shops offer club fittings but you have another option. Different golf club companies host demo day. This is an interactive option for golfers to learn more about their abilities. You can practice hits and get a better idea on what the best shaft for you would be.