List Of Underrated Golf Courses In Portugal You Should Visit

We’ve had a look at some Algarve golf courses and picked five that we feel don’t get enough praise. Try one, some or all of these courses on your next trip and see for yourself why we thought you’d enjoy playing them so much.

  1. The Isla Canela golf course
  2. Isla Canela offers a combination of gorgeous scenery and a challenging layout. Natural obstacles will prove to golfers of all skill levels that careful planning is needed before a shot is carried out. Don’t let wide fairways fool you into thinking that this course is easy. Work on your draw to avoid some of the merciless obstacles.

  3. The Balaia golf course
  4. Many players make the mistake of seeing Balaia as a ‘beginners only’ course. But in fact the course has many challenging aspects that make it suitable for golfers of all handicaps. Short game refinement is a must and god putting will keep your score securely low. Other than that, the scenery is enough of a reason to visit.

  5. The Terceira golf course
  6. Even though the Terceira golf course is relatively shorter than other courses, it is still one of the most challenging. Every hole demands meticulous technique. If there’s a shot you haven’t yet perfected, this course will expose and exploit that technique until you wish you had practiced more. So don’t let the length put you off. It’s not as easy as you may think.

  7. The Batalha golf course
  8. Golf lovers will enjoy a 9-, 18- or 27-hole game when playing the Batalha golf course. It’s a course that some may find simple, but it offers the opportunity for you to switch up a level and play it from a different tee set. The scenery is relaxing and the facilities are top class.

  9. The Paço do Lumiar golf course
  10. Again, golfers have the perception that because a course is short, it’s not challenging. The Paço do Lumiar golf course is full of surprises. Large bunkers cover almost every section and getting onto the green can be a challenge. Come play this course and enjoy the scenery while you play a satisfying game of nine.

These are anything but pity-ratings. All five of these Algarve golf courses will make an impression on you and we wouldn’t be doing this site justice without mentioning them to you.