What To Expect From The Vale Do Lobo Golf Course

The Vale do Lobo golf course located in Algarve offers plenty of excitement and relaxation while being next to the Atlantic Ocean. The course is known for offering great golf challenges testing skills of seasoned players. The course features 18 holes par 73 with a number of handicaps for men and women. Aside from playing on the course, golfers will enjoy other services and attractions including the driving range and the beach. Here are a few things you should know about the Vale do Lobo course.

Beautiful Breathtaking Nature Views Next to Ocean Waters

Many golfers admit they get distracted by the landscape which includes parkland holes. There are various trees with the color of greens is rich and earthy. The atmosphere is perfect for golfers looking to get away and enjoy something different while wanting to relax. For other golfers they feel the area is great for playing golf and they have been able to concentrate. Another treat to look forward to is being next to the Atlantic Ocean and the sights and sounds of waves moving across the waters.

The Layout of the Course Features a Hint of Complex Sophistication

Golfer players say hole 11 and hole 14 (both par 4’s) are considered the courses greatest challenges. Another hole with unique challenges is hole 15 (par 3). If you are a seasoned player looking for adventure and a great challenge with nature, this course offers it all. The layout of the course is unique in nature and it may seem simple at a first glance. A course map offers more insight and gives better insight on where potential trouble spots are located.

Luxury Facilities for Additional Comfort and Relaxation You Can Call Home

While away from home there are various features to help you relax. When you are not on the course you can enjoy service features including the clubhouse features, fitness centre, practice area and training facilities. You can take a swim in the pool, eat great cuisine at the restaurant or enjoy a refreshing drink at the bar. When you want to take a break from golf, tennis is a great option. There are plenty of things to do and see in and around the area, making the Vale do Lubo golf course a great place to visit.