Golfer's Guide To Portugal: The Amarante Golf Course

Portugal is one of the world’s most popular golfing tourism destinations. Littered with world class golf courses, it’s no wonder that most people who are serious about this wonderful game choose to spend their golf vacations here. The town of Amarante is located in the northern part of Portugal, in the farming rich region of the country. The region has a breathtaking landscape of rolling hills and mountains dotted by evergreen valleys. This is what you can expect at the Amarante golf course, located close to this town and conveniently named after it.

The Amarante golf course combines the amazing landscape and wonderful architecture to create one of the most captivating and challenging courses in the world. The course has a combination of up and downslope holes that pose a great challenge for players. It goes down into the valley and then into the trees. This landscape gives the course seven par three holes and three par five holes.

In its simplest form, the course is designed to capture that local topography of upward and downward slopes with ease. Golfers who have not had any practice on such a landscape will find it challenging and resultantly improve their game at the least. The course is also surrounded by four bunkers just to make things interesting.


Since the course is 600 meters above sea level, and situated in the northern part of Portugal, the weather tends to be extreme. Summers are quite hot making playing during the afternoon quite uncomfortable, while winters tend to be very cold.


As stated earlier, the scenery around the golf course is quite impressive. The designers took note of this and created a course that allows golfers to take in the amazing views of the nearby mountains while playing a round of golf.


The course has a practice bunker, a driving range to practice, putting green and chipping green. The course also has a clubhouse that is designed for perfect relaxation after a challenging round of golf. There is a conference room as well as locker rooms among others.

To play on the course, it is recommended that you make advanced bookings especially during holidays and weekends. Visitors are accepted every day with a valid handicap certificate from your home club being required. Dogs are not allowed on the course but GPS devices may be used by players.