How to Make Your Golf Vacation Unforgettable

If you are avid golfer, taking a golf vacation is probably something you have always wanted to do. It is fun to go on vacation anyway, and getting to play some new courses along the way makes it even better. Whether you are flying to a warm resort location, or just taking a short road trip to a nearby destination, golf vacations can rank among your top golf memories.

For the first-time golf vacationer, the following tips may be of some help in planning and preparing for the big trip.

  • Don’t get in over your head. It isn’t fun to spend your golf rounds on vacation searching for lost balls on a golf course that is too difficult for you to play comfortably. Instead, pick a course (or courses) that are rated a little easier so you can get the ball around with less trouble and have fun in the process. You can save the super-challenging rounds for back home – right now, you should just be trying to have fun and gain a new experience.
  • Play enough, but not too much. In the excitement of booking a golf vacation, you might make so many tee times that you run yourself right out of energy. Try to balance playing a lot of golf with also having some downtime to relax and enjoy your surroundings. Many golf destinations also have plenty of other activities and sightseeing opportunities, so be sure to round out your trip with a diverse itinerary.
  • Travel with friends. If possible, try to take a golf vacation with some of your regular golfing partners to add to the experience. Not only will it be fun to have them along for the trip, but you will also make some memories that are likely to last long into the future.
  • Play one great course. Although the top ranked courses in a particular region are likely to be rather expensive, try to build in one round at a great course into your itinerary. If you can afford to add a round like this to your trip, you could be in line for an experience like you haven’t had previously on the golf course.
  • Don’t worry about your score. There is nothing wrong with trying to shoot good scores while you are on vacation, but don’t make that your sole focus. Have fun playing the courses, even if your scores aren’t quite as low as you would like them.