The 10 Most Interesting Golf Courses In Portugal's Algarve

To be a person who has the luxury to enjoy playing the glorious game of golf is a blessing already, no matter where you are playing. If you were fortunate enough to play in Algarve in Portugal then you are really one of the lucky few. In Algarve, there are simply TOO MANY great golf courses around and it is actually pretty hard to choose which ones to play. You would get the feeling that you want to play all of them when you get there. However, there are still quite a few courses there that really stand out and it is certainly something that you want to do at some point in your life. If you plan to visit Portugal, here are the top 10 golf courses in Algarve that you can play everyday and not get bored of it!

Penina Hotel & Golf Resort

This is one of the best resorts in Portimão and the course is absolutely lush. It is the perfect place for family as well!

Tivoli Victoria

This resort is in a different region, but still in Algarve. Located in Vilamoura, you can pretty much enjoy anything there and play golf. Ideal isn’t it?

Vilar do Golf

With villas and houses in the resort, you are looking for a world-class stay and you can just enjoy a quick round before breakfast everyday! Or if you prefer, you could always play with your family.

Four Seasons Fairways

A rather relaxing resort in Quinta do Lago, this place is home to a brilliant course and offers stunning accommodations to visitors.

Blue & Green The Lake Spa Resort

This place is the best to stay in and is surrounded by tonnes of golf courses. Just pick one and play; the choice is yours.

Monte da Quinta Resort

Monte da Quinta offers some of the best courses in Portugal and you will be able to enjoy your day there with friends and families.

Cascade Wellness and Lifestyle Resort

This amazing resort located in Lagos offers stunning villas and rooms. It is quiet and it is paradise, but yet it is only located a few minutes from several golf courses.

Club Med Da Balaia

Located in Albufeira, this place is perfect for families and a nice round of golf.

Boavista Golf Resort

Although it is outside the city centre of Lagos, it is just in the outskirt. But yet, it is home to great golf courses and you will definitely love this place.

Prado do Golf

It’s a great place to relax and play around. You have the option to choose which course you want to play. Even if you don’t play golf, you can simply enjoy your time there by the poolside!