Tips For Golf Players On How To Select Suitable Clubs

The top golf club manufacturers operate in an extremely competitive market. They seek to attract customers with advertisements suggesting their clubs are built to the latest specifications; defintely21st Century technology. Without suggesting that anyone is exaggerating claims of the benefits of their clubs, it is important for golfers to understand their ability and what will really give them the chance to improve their game.

The point is that there are

  • different shafts to consider

  • two basic iron designs

  • a plethora of drivers with varying loft


Graphite shafts were an innovation years ago. They are much lighter than the traditional metal shafts which themselves replaced wooden shafts from the days when golf began. What golfers have to realise is that there are different divisions within the graphite

  • regular

  • stiff

  • extra stiff

The beginner and average handicap golfers should opt for the regular shaft; stiff ones are extremely unforgiving for golfers whose game is not particularly expert.


Professionals and low handicap golfers will generally opt for blades; the quality of their game generally means they can expect a pure strike. Most golfers however need a little more help and the cavity back designed irons are more forgiving for those whose swing is less consistent.


It is important to be able to hit the fairway off the tee. The ball can be teed up which obviously helps and manufacturers have produced every bigger driver heads with larger ‘sweet spots’ to further help golfers with their games. However it is difficult to hit a club with little loft. Good players will expect to be able to hit a driver with a 7 degree loft but that would be extremely ambitious for the average golfer. Golfers with a decent handicap should look at a loft of 9 or 10 though starters may feel more comfortable with up to 12. The point is to cut out as much side spin as possible because that is one of the things that can mean the white ball heading towards the rough.

Choosing clubs is not really a minefield. It is a matter of being sensible and selecting clubs to suit your ability. There is plenty of advice available. It is stupid to select a stiff shafted 8 degree driver if your game does not justify it; you may think it is ‘macho’ but your scores may well reflect the basic mistake you have made.