Improving Your Tempo: What You Can Learn from LPGA Pro’s

Tempo is one of the most important elements in any golf swing, and the pros on the LPGA Tour have some of the best tempos around. While they might not hit the ball quite as far as their male counterparts, the female professional golfers you will see on TV are great at controlling the golf ball and using course management to keep their ball in good positions. If you want to improve the tempo in your own swing, you would do well to watch an upcoming LPGA event and take note of the rhythm in the swings that you see.

Following are a few tips that you could learn from watching the LPGA pro’s play the game.

  • Don’t be in a hurry. For the most part, the swings that you will see from female professional golfers are smooth and not rushed in either direction. Instead of trying to overpower the golf ball, they understand that they can hit quality shots by staying focused on having a good tempo and making sure they make solid contact in the center of the club face. It is not necessary to rush through your swing in order to generate some speed and hit a good shot.
  • Consistency over 18 holes. The swings of the best golfers will not change from the start of a round to the finish – which is not something you can say about most amateur golfers. Keeping your tempo the same from the first swing to the last isn’t an easy task, but it is important for playing well. Make sure having good tempo is one of the top priorities in your swing and don’t lose focus on it as the round goes by. Whether you are excited about how well you are playing, or frustrated that you are struggling, don’t let those emotions have an effect on the overall tempo of your swing.
  • Sweep the ball off the tee. Especially when hitting a driver, try to take the ‘hit’ feeling out of your swing and just sweep the ball cleanly off the tee. When you feel like you are hitting at the ball, instead of through it, your tempo can suffer and the club face might not get squared up properly at impact. Try to forget that the ball is even there – just make a good swing and allow the ball to get in the way.