5 Things To Pay Attention To When Working On Your Golf Stance

Golf is a really complicated and interesting game. It has different fields that must be taken care of, if you want to be good at this game. Among those fields, your Golf Stance is the most important of all because, it determines the accuracy of the short you are about to play. For getting good at it, there are 5 basic techniques that should be learned in order to be good at it.

  1. The first thing that must be brought under consideration when talking about your Golf stance is your feet position. If you really want to be good at your stance, this the very first thing because it determines your addressing shot. Because of being the first step, it needs your proper attention. Your feet must be firm on the ground and you should not loose grip at all.
  2. The second thing that must be brought under consideration is the distance between your feet. What should be the distance between your feet? According to the Golf experts, the distance between your feet should be around the distance between your shoulders. This will help you in standing firm without any vibration or other movements. A famous American Golfer, Mr. Bob Jones used to stand with a small distance between his legs ad according to him, it allowed him to turn his hips completely which could give him more swing with the shot he used to play.
  3. The third important thing is the relation of the position of the feet to the direction of the line. So when it comes to the relation of feet position with the line, experts prefer to use the Square Stance. This means that, you let your feet have the same distance from the line.
  4. The fourth technique is the direction of your feet. For a right handed player, if the right foot is place a few inches further that the left foot, it allows a greater swing and powerful short. On the other hand, if done the other way around, the effect is opposite. Hence, it is completely dependent on the short selection.
  5. The fifth important thing is your arms position in a golf stance. The position of the arms should be nearly straight with the elbows pointing towards the ground and not towards the sides. If this technique is not followed, the resulting swing would be loose and sloppy.