What Makes The Quinta De Cima Golf Course Unique?

There are many golf courses in the Algarve; so why play one specific one that you have heard of? The Quinta de Cima golf course is one such course that may have been recommended to you, so why play it? If you are a golfer who demands a challenge, then this one’s for you. Let’s introduce you to the Quinta de Cima golf course.

Water hazards are placed to trip you up

Quinta de Cima has way less water hazards than your average Algarve golf course. However, the ones that do show up will surprise you. Slopes, trees and bunkers will attempt to steer your aim in the direction of some of these water hazards, so keep an eye out. There aren’t many, but they are more dangerous than you think.

Get ready for a difficult game from beginning to end

This course just doesn’t give you a break. Each hole is designed to pose a serious challenge and make you doubt your skills as a golfer. What may surprise you is that the fairways are quite wide throughout the course. But despite this concession, you will struggle with just about everything else. Doglegs will deceive you and smaller obstacles will steer you to larger ones. From the very first hole, this course displays its level of difficulty.

Three holes that may ruin your day

Okay, so this may not look like a reason to play this course. But we’re here to tell you why it’s unique, and there are many golfers who relish a challenge like this one. So if you do play this golf course, make sure you look out for the following four holes:

  • The 4th hole
  • The 16th hole
  • The 17th hole
  • The 18th hole

Each one of these will trip you up if you don’t analyze it well before teeing off, so look out for them.

What makes this course unique is how hard it is to master. Golfers looking for a challenge are sure to find it here. Beginners may want to give this one a miss until they have upped their skills a tad. But for those who love a challenge, don’t pass it up. It will ring fresh in your memory for years to come and hopefully prompt you to improve and visit it again someday.